Happy April Fool’s Day! While the exact origins of this day remain uncertain, it’s a time when many engage in lighthearted laughs and humor. No judgment if you love partaking in this day! We are all for the laughs. Just be sure to stay alert while enjoying your day! Today, Middletown Plumbing & Drain is taking a unique approach. As a local business valuing transparency, we thought, what better day than today to debunk common plumbing myths and share the truth behind them?  

Myth One: Chemical Drain Cleaners 

A common plumbing myth is that store-bought chemical drain cleaners are a quick and effective solution for clogged drains. While they appear convenient, the reality is these cleaners can harm your pipes, leading to leaks and tougher blockages. Additionally, they pose risks to your health, your family’s health, and the environment. 

Instead, opt for mechanical methods like plunging or using a drain snake, which are safer and more effective in the long run. For stubborn clogs, consider consulting a professional plumber. Also, using drain screens is an easy way to avoid clogs and promote preventive maintenance. 

Myth Two: Hot Water to Rinse Grease 

Another plumbing myth is that pouring hot water down the drain can wash away grease effectively. This may seem logical (and work in the moment.) However, this practice can make the issue worse. Hot water only temporarily liquefies grease. After running hot water down the kitchen drain, the grease will solidify when it cools, causing stubborn pipe clogs in the long run. 

To debunk this plumbing myth, collect grease in a container and dispose of it in the trash or recycle it properly. This simple habit can prevent costly plumbing issues down the line, saving you from avoidable stress and expenses.  

Myth Three: Flushable Wipes 

Flushable wipes – do you use them? Many think these wipes are safe for toilets because of their label – and they would be justified in believing so! After all, they are labeled as such. However, most plumbers advise against them. This is because although labeled as flushable, these wipes don’t break down like toilet paper. Flushing them can lead to plumbing issues like blockage and overflow.  

To avoid plumbing problems, flush only toilet paper down the toilet and make it a point to dispose of wipes in the trash instead. 

Myth Four: Feminine Products 

Flushing feminine hygiene products down the toilet is not recommended. Tampons and pads are meant to absorb liquid and expand when wet, which can lead to severe pipe blockages. While you might not notice immediate problems, repeated flushing over time will create issues. 

Avoid this plumbing myth by disposing of all feminine hygiene products in the trash to prevent costly repairs and environmental damage. It might seem like a hassle, but taking these simple steps to care for your plumbing system is worth it. 

Don’t be misled by these common plumbing myths! Use best practices for a healthy plumbing system. Remember: no chemical drain cleaners, no grease in the drain, dispose of flushable wipes correctly, and don’t flush hygiene products. These practices will aid in preventing damage, costly repairs, and stressful headaches! For more plumbing care tips, check out our other informative blogs! 

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