How to Get Your Outdoor Spigots Ready for Summer

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As we approach the summer months, it is important to focus on the maintenance of our outdoor plumbing components in preparation for the season’s demands. This pre-summer task, which is often neglected, is still essential for ensuring the functionality of your spigots and water hoses – which are vital for a range of activities from gardening to outdoor water activities. As such, making sure these outdoor fixtures are in optimal condition is paramount. Middletown Plumbing & Drain is committed to providing you with the necessary knowledge and tools to identify and repair leaks, helping you to guarantee seamless enjoyment throughout the summer season.  

What About Identifying Spigot Leaks? 

It’s essential to understand how to detect leaks, as recognizing them is the first step towards addressing the issue. Furthermore, it’s crucial to repair any leak on your spigot promptly upon discovery.  

  • Dripping Water: Attempt to activate the faucet, allowing the water to flow briefly. Should there be any leakage from the spigot, either during the flow or after turning it off, this may indicate a leak. Water should be coming directly from the spout of the fixture (or through the water hose), not from beneath the spigot. 
  • Low Water Pressure: Another aspect to monitor while the water is activated is the water pressure. If the water emerging from the spout (or hose) is flowing out at a notably diminished rate, it may indicate a leak within your system. Under these circumstances, it is advisable to engage a professional to evaluate the situation and accurately identify the issue. 
  • Corrosion or Rust Buildup: A corroded spigot is another tell-tale sign. This is because the presence of rust or corrosion often signifies an underlying leak that requires immediate attention. Under these circumstances, it is advisable to contact a professional plumber as soon as you can. 
  • Water Stains or Mold: Water stains or mold serve as subtle indicators that can surface unexpectedly. It’s best to stay on alert and check the vicinity periodically. Should you encounter any, we strongly recommend contacting a professional immediately. 

What About Fixing Spigot Leaks? 

To address a spigot leak, several straightforward measures can be undertaken.  

  • Tighten Loose Connections: Should there be any loose connections on the fixture, begin by securing gently them. Utilize a wrench to tighten the spigot firmly yet cautiously. 
  • Replace Worn-out Washers: It is customary for washers to degrade with time. So, if tightening the spigot did not resolve the issue for you, it may be necessary to install new washers.  
  • Seal Any Openings: Cracks, holes, or openings around fixtures may naturally occur over time through regular use and exposure to various elements. In the event of a leak due to worn-down sealant, it is advisable to use a waterproof sealant to effectively reseal any apparent cracks or gaps around the spigots. This measure will help prevent water leakage and reduce the probability of future issues. 
  • Implement Backflow Prevention: Installing a backflow preventer is another prudent measure to protect your plumbing system from the reverse flow of water. It contributes to the preservation of water quality and helps in preventing contamination. 
  • Upgrade to Frost-Free Spigots: If you have experienced issues with a frozen spigot in the past, including leaks resulting from it, try upgrading to frost-free spigots. This upgrade will help mitigate the risk of frozen pipes and subsequent leaks, even in inclement weather conditions. 

What About Contacting a Professional Plumber? 

Understanding the appropriate time to engage a professional is crucial in ensuring your plumbing system’s success. For manifestations such as water stains and mold, fixtures overladen with rust, or significantly reduced water pressure, consulting with a professional is best, as these signs often indicate an internal leak. 


By following these guidelines for identifying and resolving spigot leaks, homeowners can protect their outdoor plumbing systems against unnecessary disruptions, helping to ensure a more seamless summer experience with enhanced peace of mind. 

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