Although summer is certainly a season of enjoyment and leisure, you don’t want to forget to remain vigilant about potential plumbing issues that can arise this season. Elevated water usage, rising temperatures, and the arrival of summertime guests can increase the likelihood of plumbing problems surfacing. To prevent major plumbing issues during summer, it’s important to be alert and know how to handle them if they occur.  

Join your Middletown Plumbing & Drain experts today as we talk about identifying and resolving the most frequent summer plumbing problems. 


1. OUTDOOR FAUCETS, SPRINKLERS, & HOSE PROBLEMS – First, let’s discuss typical issues with outdoor plumbing. Since summer is a time for enjoying the outdoors, devices like faucets, sprinklers, and hoses can often cause problems, particularly if they have been in use for a long time. Minor, unnoticed problems can escalate with the increased water consumption and summer heat, resulting in burst pipes or even yard or basement flooding.  

Make sure to regularly inspect your hoses, sprinklers, fixtures, and faucets for any visible damage or leaks to prevent major disasters from happening. If you notice any issues, have them fixed or replaced as soon as possible. For complex problems, it’s best to seek help from a licensed professional. 

2. SEWER LINE BACKUPS – Now, let’s talk about sewage. In the summer, sewer lines tend to get blocked due to more usage and other factors. So, if you think your sewage line may be having problems, watch out for signs such as bad odors, gurgling noises, clogged drains or toilets, and backups. If you suspect any issues with your sewage line or have noticed any problems, please contact us without delay. We can take care of all the unpleasant work for you and restore everything functioning properly once again. 


1. LEAKY FAUCETS PROBLEMS – Dealing with leaky faucets can be quite frustrating. Unfortunately, such leaks tend to persist for way longer than necessary. However, letting a drip continue is not only wasteful but also increases your water usage and could lead to more serious problems later on. Therefore, it’s best to address the issue promptly. Generally, you can fix a dripping faucet by either tightening the fixture or replacing the washer. Some instances may require replacing the faucet fixture altogether. 

2. CLOGGED TOILET PROBLEMS – During summer, the combination of rising temperatures plus increased humidity levels can lead to rusting, corrosion, and mineral buildup on drain lines. This commonly affects older plumbing systems and can lead to clogged toilets. It is important to call a professional to deal with these types of clogs since they are complicated to take care of. Serious clogs of this nature can cause pipes to break due to pressure buildup. 

In addition, during the summer, when school-aged kids are home, water usage during the day tends to increase. To avoid costly repairs due to larger problems resulting from lingering issues, it’s advisable to inspect your toilets for leaks or cracks in advance as a way of staying proactive. 

3. LOW-WATER PRESSURE PROBLEMS – During this season, low water pressure is a common issue that occurs due to regional water level changes or mineral buildup in the pipes. If you’re facing the same problem, it’s recommended to contact a professional plumber at your earliest convenience. 

4. WATER HEATER PROBLEMS – If your water temperature is not heating up or only reaching lukewarm levels, it’s possible that your water heater is the problem, even in the summer when hot water is still necessary. High temperatures in the summer can strain the water heater and cause damage, such as cracks. It’s possible that sediment buildup is causing the problem with your water heater. Therefore, flushing the heater might solve the issue. If you need help, please give us a call, and we will diagnose and fix the problem accordingly to restore your hot water. 

5. WASHING MACHINE PROBLEMS – Like other appliances, washing machines can develop issues such as clogged pipes or hoses, corrosion, and broken seals, which can cause wear and tear and lead to system problems. Be sure to inspect your washing machine regularly for leaks, damage, and corrosion. 

6. DISHWASHER AND GARBAGE DISPOSAL PROBLEMS – During the summer season, it’s important to be cautious about what you put in your garbage disposal to avoid clogs. With more people at home and if you are one to enjoy hosting gatherings at your house, remember to only dispose of drain-safe foods in the garbage disposal. It may be tempting to throw things down the sink, but it can lead to serious problems that you would rather avoid. Additionally, be mindful not to overload the dishwasher as this can cause clogs. By disposing of food correctly and not overloading the dishwasher, you can keep everything working properly throughout the summer.  

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