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Middletown Plumbing & Drain offers well pump repairs, well pump installation, well pump replacement, well pump maintenance and all types of well services in Middletown, Greater Dayton and Greater Cincinnati.

If you own a water well or have a well pump that needs professional services, well repairs or well pump replacement, you need our professional plumbers and well pump experts who can come out in a timely manner to perform the work. If you need a well expert or well pump expert, you need Middletown Plumbing & Drain.  

We are proud members of the Five Star Plumbing Group. Being a member of the Five Star Family allows us to offer our amazing customers the absolute most value at the lowest prices. We offer Middletown Ohio area residents all types of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, water, drain, well pump and electrical services. Our professionals have repaired, replaced, installed, and serviced all types of wells, well systems and well pumps in Middletown, Greater Cincinnati and surrounding areas. Because most wells are made up of mechanical components, even the most minor repairs can be very tricky. Don’t trust your well services to any old local handyman. For professional well services at fair prices, you need to call our team of plumbing and well water experts at Middletown Plumbing & Drain. We have decades of combined experience working in area businesses and area homes. We guarantee your pump’s moving parts are in prime working order the way you need them to be for many years to come. We have all the tools, equipment, technology and skills necessary with a team of professionals stand behind us to guarantee you have access to the safest and cleanest drinking water possible.

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We at Middletown Plumbing & Drain offers top-rated, well services and plumbing services in Middletown. Greater Cincinnati, Greater Dayton and surrounding areas. We proudly serve all of Greater Cincinnati and surrounding areas, including Beckett Ridge, Carlisle, Cincinnati, Corwin, Dayton, Fairfield, Five Points, Franklin, Germantown, Hamilton, Hunter, Lebanon, Mason, Miamisburg, Middletown, Millville, Monroe, New Miami, Ross, Seven Mile, South Lebanon, Springboro, Trenton, Williamsdale, and Waynesville.

Wells provide drinking water for residential and commercial purposes that is safe. Additional uses can include anything from irrigation and farming to commercial and industrial use. They are mostly used in places where surface water is scarce, especially deserts, or places where there isn’t municipal water. Throughout history, people have used wells to access underground water. Holes are drilled into the ground to access the aquifer underground. Well pumps and pipes are used today mostly to extract the water from the underground aquifer. Screens are used to filter out unwanted particles that might be clogging the pipe. 

Today’s wells are tremendous improvements to the old pulley and hand-pumped wells of the old times. They are much more convenient today than those used years ago. They are also far more complex in their design, setup, function and overall look. Wells draw the water into the home or structure using a pump. From there, the water goes into the water lines connected to your plumbing system. It travels indoors and is accessible through the faucets and spigots.