Bathroom remodeling in middletown

Bathroom Remodels & Bliss Walk-In Bath Tub Installation in Middletown, OH

Whether you need a commercial bathroom repair, bathroom renovation, bathroom restoration or a residential bathroom repair, bathroom renovation or bathroom remodel, we are here to help. Whenever you contact Middletown Plumbing & Drain, you get to enjoy money savings and peace of mind knowing your home or building is in the best hands and the work will be performed to complete perfection by a true bathroom professional. We go to every length to minimize our interference with your daily work life during any sort of bathroom remodeling project or renovation project. We take all the necessary precautions to minimize dust and dirt throughout the project and we make sure to clean up behind ourselves at the end of the day. If you’re ready to pull the trigger and transform your outdated bathroom to increase your home value, we urge you not to flush your hard-earned money down the drain with a second-rate bathroom expert or local handyman that doesn’t provide top-notch products and services at rock-bottom prices.  

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Affordable Bathroom Renovation, Bathroom Remodel Services

Are you looking for professional bathroom remodeling services? Do you need an expert to give your bathroom a makeover? Whether it’s a minor bathroom repair project or a complete bathroom renovation, we encourage homeowners never to waste their time and hard-earned money using a bathroom handyman or a second-rate bathroom contractor that fails to deliver sheer excellence at every turn.  

Your bathroom deserves nothing less than the absolute best. You deserve an affordable professional who can quickly transform your old bathroom into the luxurious bathroom of your dreams. If you’re looking for a local residential bathroom specialist or commercial bathroom renovation expert that delivers top-notch remodeling and renovation services at prices that are fair and affordable, you need Middletown Plumbing & Drain. Even if you’re working with limited funding up front, we at Middletown Plumbing & Drain can still give you the maximum results with the minimal amount of money. We can provide you with the bathroom of your dreams at prices that are fair and affordable. We have in-house finance options on full bathroom renovations with flexible payment plans. Be sure to check our finance page for details as well as our online deals pages! As your Southwest Ohio’s best bathroom company, we are proud members of the Middletown community. We partner with major companies like Moen, Kohler, Lennox, Delta, Grohe, Bliss, American Standard, Bossini, Toto and Whirlpool to offer you the absolute highest quality bathroom products available on today’s market.  

OUR Bathroom Remodeling Services

Upgrading your bathroom is a great way to give your older home a new look with a luxurious feeling. It can also increase the value of your home and make it a lot easier to sell when and if you’re ready to sell your home. If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, call our certified plumbing professionals to discuss getting the project started or having us come over for a free in-home consultation.

Bathroom services in Middletown, Ohio

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Middletown, OH

Whether you’re looking to plumb your sink, replace a shower, install a toilet, or new walk in bathtub, a new tile floor, a bathroom vanity, a bathroom exhaust fan or something else, we encourage you to call us right away for all your bathroom needs! We offer a wide selection of products! Upgrading your bathroom is a great way to give your older home a new look with a luxurious feeling. It can also increase the value of your home and make it a lot easier to sell when and if you’re ready to sell your home. If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, call us today!

Bliss walk in tubs in middletown, ohio

Bliss Walk-In Tub Installation Services in Middletown, Ohio

At Middletown Plumbing & Drain we are proud to sell the latest and greatest Bliss Walk-in bathtubs in Middletown, Greater Cincinnati and surrounding areas. Walk-in bathtubs by Bliss are among the best and most luxurious walk-in bathtubs available on the market. These amazing bathtubs are equipped with airflow systems, mixing valves, jet massagers, and much more. Call Middletown Plumbing & Drain today to find out more about Bliss Bath Tubs and how they provide you with safety while preserving your home and making your bathroom something you enjoy. 


FAQ: Bathroom Remodels & Bathtub Installations

Why should I remodel my bathroom?

Remodeling or renovating a residential bathroom is a great way to increase the value of the place while improving its overall appearance and utility. This ensure you get to enjoy the place more and make it worth more. If you ask a real estate agent for an estimate, your home value will always be significantly more after a bathroom renovation or bathroom remodeling performed by a professional like us. Because this is such highly skilled work that needs to be done right, hiring a bathroom specialist like Middletown Plumbing & Drain is essential! Remodeling your bathroom will beautify your home and give you a greater sense of luxury and belonging. 

Can I use my Bliss Tub as a shower?

Of course! Bliss Tubs can be used for showering if you don’t feel like bathing. If you’re in a hurry and just need a quick shower, Bliss Tubs have a deluxe faucet that comes with an extendable or retractable hand-held head. The shower heads can also be mounted on the deck of the tub or on the wall. 

Do I need a plumber to remodel my bathroom?

If you’re looking to make changes to your bathroom, we strongly recommend hiring a skilled professional like Middletown Plumbing & Drain to remodel or renovate it. Hiring a professional plumber plays such an essential role in this type of skilled work. Our experts are trained and proficient at bathroom work. Hiring a professional is also important because toilets, showers, sinks, bathtubs and other plumbing connections and drains require skill and expertise.