Have you encountered an issue with your water heater’s pilot light being out? That could be due to the effects of a gusty wind or even when the gas supply was turned off during maintenance. No matter what caused this small setback, Middletown Plumbing & Drain is here to get your hot showers and other comforts associated with warm water back up and running!  

Before we delve into the process of relighting your water heater’s pilot light, it is essential to keep in mind that most manufacturers provide specific instructions on their units. Therefore, if you can view your manufacturer’s instructions on the side of your water heater without difficulty, then make sure to stick with the manufacturer’s guidelines as they are tailored for your particular model. If not, then simply follow these general steps instead! 


Here are the simple steps you’ll need to follow: 

  1. Before you begin, your utmost priority should be to turn off the gas supply. Safety first, right?  
  1. To begin the process, you must first remove the access panel (also known as a burner cover) at the base of your water heater if it is present on your water heater’s model. 
  1. Now is the time to sit back and wait for about five to ten minutes. Doing this allows the built-up gas enough time to dissipate. 
  1. After at least five minutes have ticked by, set the gas control valve to the “pilot” position. 
  1. Then press and hold the knob down. Typically, it functions like a button as well, so keep pressing it down firmly. 
  1. Still keeping the knob firmly pressed, press the small black square beneath it. One click should suffice; this is the ignition button! You’ll most likely observe the pilot flame sparking on. If not, clicking on the ignition once more will usually do the trick. It’s crucial to remember that one hand should still be holding down “pilot” mode at this point. 
  1. When the indicator light blinks, this is when you can finally release your grip on the “pilot” button/knob. 
  1. To personalize your preferences, you can now set the temperature setting to match your comfort level – but only after the pilot flame has been relit. 
  1. Make sure to restore the gas supply valve back to the “on” position. 
  1. Last but not least, securely replacing the burner cover on your water heater is a must. 

Congratulations, you did it! You managed to relight the pilot light on your water heater –an amazing feat to file away in your skilled traits as a homeowner. Well done! 


  • When you release your hold on the “pilot” knob, and if the pilot light instantly extinguishes, this may be a signal that there is a potential problem with a component. So, if this is what you are coming across, we do not recommend waiting to contact a service expert. 
  • It is essential to note that the gas control settings on your water heater model may differ from others, though many have similar structuring. You can always look online for your specific water heater if you need a little assistance in identifying the gas control panel. 
  • It’s essential to be aware that if your gas water heater operates with an electronic ignition system, it may have a pilot light as a backup plan in case the electronic ignition fails. Therefore, don’t forget that you could manually ignite the burner by using either a lighter or a match should anything go wrong, and the pilot light needs to be used. 

If you’re still dealing with the hassle of a temperamental water heater, don’t despair any longer. Middletown Plumbing & Drain has your solution! Our trusted technicians have years of experience and can resolve all manner of plumbing predicaments. Don’t hesitate; give us a call today, and let us tackle this issue head-on for you. Call us at (937) 298-9979, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here