8 Essential Tips for Conserving Water This Summer

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The arrival of summer brings in cheerful days, delightful backyard gatherings, and the laborious task of keeping your garden thriving under the burning sun. During this season, water usage significantly rises, which places high demand on both the environment and your utility bills. As such, it’s imperative for homeowners to make conscious efforts in conserving water throughout these scorching months. At Middletown Plumbing & Drain, we emphasize the importance of judicious water usage and want to help offer practical solutions. 

Employ a Large Bowl or Container to Rinse Your Produce  

It’s essential to clean your produce, whether it’s freshly picked strawberries from your garden or spinach from your local farmers’ market. Instead of using tap water to run over each piece of fruit or vegetable, consider filling a bowl with water and rinsing your produce there. This technique not only conserves water but can also be repurposed to water your indoor plants. 

Avoid Dishwashing by Hand 

Did you know that hand-washing dishes can consume up to 20 gallons of water on average? This significant water usage underscores the necessity of seeking more efficient methods for routine tasks. For some, hand-washing dishes can be therapeutic. However, it’s not always the most water-efficient method. Modern, energy-conserving dishwashers are built to use less water than hand washing, with most models using approximately 4 gallons of water. If you still need to hand wash some items, try to be cognizant of your water usage. Instead of letting the water run continuously, fill one sink basin with wash water and another with rinsing water.

Strategically Thaw Your Frozen Food  

Planning ahead can play a crucial role in conserving water during meal preparation. Instead of using running water to defrost frozen foods, move them from the freezer to the refrigerator the previous night. This not only conserves water but also guarantees a safe defrosting process. 

Intentional Wash Your Laundry with Best Practices 

  • Optimize Your Laundry Loads – Using your washing machine only when it’s fully loaded optimizes its efficiency, thereby conserving both water and energy. This strategy curtails the requirement for frequent washes, saving significant volumes of water in the process. 
  • Avoid the Permanent Press Setting – The permanent-press cycle includes an extra rinse to protect garments, which results in increased water consumption. To preserve the quality of your clothes while being mindful of water usage, it’s best to avoid this setting except when absolutely needed. 

Water Your Garden during the Early Morning or Late Evening  

Watering your garden at the day’s peak heat can lead to substantial water loss due to evaporation. To make sure the water reaches the root-level, where it’s needed most, consider watering your plants either early in the morning or late in the evening. This approach provides your plants with maximum opportunity to efficiently assimilate the required moisture. 

Cover Your Pool  

If you own a pool, covering it when it’s not being used can significantly limit water loss due to evaporation. A pool cover also offers the added advantages of maintaining cleanliness and reducing the requirement for chemicals. By adopting this measure, you can upkeep your pool more proficiently and effectively, ensuring it remains in prime condition. 

Apply a Layer of Mulch on Your Garden Beds  

Proper mulching of your garden beds is not just for weed control; it’s actually a crucial technique for preserving soil moisture. A substantial mulch layer minimizes sun exposure to the soil, keeping it cool and limiting evaporation. This results in reduced watering frequency and a flourishing garden. 

Promptly Repair Any Leaky Fixtures  

A dripping tap, a leaky outdoor faucet, or a perpetually running toilet can result in the wastage of a considerable amount of water over time. Regular inspection and immediate repair of your indoor and outdoor fixtures are crucial. This helps in effective water conservation and maintains the efficiency of your home’s plumbing system. If you need assistance, our team of professionals is just a call away, ready to assist you in resolving any plumbing issues efficiently. 

Adopting these guidelines can noticeably decrease your water consumption this summer. Remember, conserving water is pivotal for both the environment and your finances. By integrating these practices, you can nourish a healthy garden and a comfortable home while contributing to the preservation of this integral resource. 

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